Think Quality Partners

The Partners Program will be opening soon


We are looking for three types of Partners to work with:

1. Local Business Partners
2. National Service Providers
3. Technology Partners

Local Business Partners

To provide Think Quality Services to local businesses we need to work local service providers for some services, services where you need to have face to face contact.

National Service Providers

Where the service does not need to be local, where it is less important to work face to face with the customer we welcome the opportunity to partner with businesses who can deliver our services remotely.

Technology Partners

Technology today is extremely important to the small business sector, the need to automate as many parts of the process is paramount. But technology is sometimes too expensive and sometimes does much more than the customer needs. That is why we aim to work with a number of technology partners, identifying the immediate need of our customers and ensuring that future success and growth is important while ensuring the the services are affordable.

The importance of the Partners Program

The Think Quality Business is delivered by partners. Every partner must have gone through the Think Quality Business Blueprint before they can become a partner.

Together we will build the individual business service tasks, for example – Accounting Task, for each business so that they deliver exactly what the accountant needs to be able to deliver an efficient accounting service.

Here are a few things to think about.

  • Play to win/win: never profit at the expense of partners. It’s a short-cut to a dead end.
  • Be picky: membership must be a privilege.
  • Keep it simple: complexity is the enemy of speed and responsiveness.
  • Reward the right results: worthy partners deserve worthy goals.
  • Listen hard, talk straight: insist on honest, two-way communication and learning.
  • Preach what you practice: explain your principles, then live by them.
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