Think Quality Business Club

What is the Think Quality Business Club?

Think Quality Business Club is a business club created by and run by entrepreneurs with a willingness to teach and mentor others, where ideas can be freely challenged and where knowledge gained from many sources is used to the benefit of all members.

We share this knowledge, through conversations, meetings, business processes, best practice, databases, and by questioning. Sharing knowledge defines how work gets done and how everyone thinks. In short, a culture of knowledge-sharing goes deeper than superficial individual behaviors and captures the hearts and minds of the members in our club.


Starting you business in a safe environment with a team of people who have been there done that got the tee shirt.

  • Your ideas turned into action.
  • A contact network of every expert in every location.
  • Your Creativity and Independence nurtured and developed.
  • Having accountancy, finance, selling, marketing, new customers, webpages all taken care off
  • Learning how you DON’T need to raise finance, risk the house..
  • Leveraging every resource by a factor of ten!
  • Being helped from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Being part of a Planet wide community of entrepreneurs.
  • Having an incredible fun time.

IMAGINE … Think Quality Business Club. … We have arrived …

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