Think Quality Sales

Service Description

The sales service is a new service from Think Quality. We will research sales leads, make appointments or actually sell your products. Think Quality Sales will provide part or full sales assistance according to your needs.

Provided your product or service has been clearly described, our sales consultants and your target customers will know exactly what is being sold. Think Quality Sales is an easy, cost efficient and low risk way of gaining new business, which is aided by good product design.

Many companies start with the company owner undertaking the sales function as they know the business the best. There are often problems when a new sales person is brought on board as they are often not able to sell and close deals properly.

Another common problem is that what is sold to the customer is different to what is then delivered to the customer. This will result in stress, problems and issues for both the business owner and salesman as well as affecting the valuable customer relationship.

The Think Quality Sales approach ensures a structured approach to selling, as part of your product and service design.


The key benefits of the Think Quality Sales service are:

  • Generate more business through rapidly increasing sales
  • Ease the pressure on yourself by delegating to someone else to sell your product or service successfully
  • This is a low risk option, as you are not paying for a full time member of staff and only paying on results
  • Limit your cash expenditure as you define the amount of sales effort you can afford – From one day a week to nearly full time
  • Your costs are controlled as you only incur costs based upon sales results.

Where to start?

Think Quality Sales will take you through several simple steps to set-up your business:

1. We review your product and service and check over the sales tasks, ensuring it is repeatable and all the product and service knowledge has been built in to the sales steps. If there is no structured sales approach that can be repeated, we will create it for you. This enables others to sell your products and services more easily.

2. We build any sales commissions and sales person remuneration into the sales steps. We believe that sales teams should be paid on a results basis, so their incremental earnings are clearly visible as they sell.

3. We assign a sales consultant(s), who perform(s) a number of sales role-playing with you using the sales tools during a number of training sessions.

4. The target customers and leads are discussed and agreed.

5. The sales consultant can then start selling – targets and leads in one hand, sales tools in the other.

6. As results and sales come in, you are invoiced in accordance with the agreed sales commission structure.


So what is the price? This depends on your service and customer targets. As a guide, the Think Quality Sales commissions will be 12% up to 22% of each sale according to work effort.

All costs of travel, calls and subsistence will be charged where applicable. Budgets are agreed in advance.

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