Think Quality Coaching

Business Owner Coaching for Business Improvement

The Think Quality Coaching Service provides:

  • A dedicated Business Coach assigned to you
  • Full support to ensure advice is implemented
  • Access to a variety of experienced and capable team members

Businesses are structured in many different ways, not all of them efficient and not all of them effective in achieving controlled management and gaining sales and profits. Think Quality Coaching quickly enables you to be effective, efficient and ultimately more profitable.

We recognise that even with everything in place and working well, it doesn’t guarantee you will have a successful business. The right PEOPLE working to their full potential in a business are the greatest asset any business can have, this includes YOU the Business Owner.

What do we offer?

The services of Think Quality Coaching have been designed and created to support the business owner of small and medium sized businesses.

The typical business owner does not have the lavish capabilities of a corporate sized company. They do not have loads of spare cash available. They do not have unlimited resources nor do they have teams of people to get advice from or share ideas and brainstorm situations, problems and issues. The lack of these capabilities is indeed, one reason why so many small businesses never make it into big business, as unexpected issues and problems often cause a complete business failure.

The Think Quality Coaching Services are designed to give you the capabilities of a corporate organisation and the extensive resources of a large company, at the same time offering a greater chance of achieving your aims with your company.

Think Quality Coaching is a business coaching service designed to support you in the improvement and realisation of your business ambitions.

The Think Quality Coaching Service

You are assigned your business coach and together you begin to review your business and set the plan to achieve the full potential of your business.

Firstly, the coach executes a business planning workshop with you to clearly define your business direction and assesses the current status of your business. They then help you formulate a set of actions and reviews, targets and milestones to take the business from where it is now to where you want to be.

You and your coach then review every week or two weeks the action items, performance reviews and progress reports. Your coach will support you by providing guidance, advice and direction to resolve issues as they occur. Where your coach cannot immediately provide answers or guidance they will consult the Think Quality Mastermind Group.

Support is offered in the following areas:

  • Sales: capturing revenues, motivating the sales team to increase sales
  • Marketing: sourcing leads and raising your profile
  • Brand image: ensuring your branding hits the mark
  • Finance: establishing correct financial controls
  • Customer Service: Sympathetic complaint handling, general enquiries and client servicing
  • Operations and Administration: efficient, effective workflow methods
  • Human Resources and Personnel: Retaining the correct staff files and papers
  • Management: ensuring the management team understand the goals and how to achieve them
  • Director and Board Teams: setting up directorships and board members
  • Partnerships: ensuring a fair setup of the arrangement and shares
  • Technology: advising and guiding on technology if required
  • Delivery: ensuring the business can deliver what it is selling
  • Suppliers: Evaluating current suppliers and changing where necessary
  • Customers: knowing who your customers are, attract and retain them
  • Legal: covering the legal basics and the preferred options
  • Business Planning: formulating a structured plan with achievable goals
  • Increasing Profits: looking at reducing costs, increasing sales and profits
  • Staff: motivation, structured staff issues handling, setting rules and targets
  • Recruiting: recruiting and retaining the right staff

The Think Quality Coaching Service charging structure is shown below. The service is charged on a monthly basis, which can be terminated at any time by the client providing one month’s notice.

  • Starting your Business  £1000 per month for 6 months - £850 / month thereafter
  • Growing your Business  £1250 per month for 12 months - £850 / month thereafter
  • Improving your Business  £1500 per month for 6 months - £850 / month thereafter

Where applicable, expenses will be charged in addition to the above for any specific travel, subsistence or overnight accommodation requirements, these charges will be agreed in advance.

Invoices are issued monthly in advance with payment due within seven days of invoice date.

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