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Your first steps towards a successful business should be with Think Quality Finance. Our team of advisers will not only provide the advice, but crucially, also provide inexpensive business tools to enable you to be in control of your finances and more importantly repeat the exercise quickly and easily where necessarily – allowing you to concentrate on building your business.

Where to Start

When setting up a company, people often leave the financial details of the company until last as they either do not understand finance and don’t know where to start, or they have an idea of what needs to be done but because it is detailed and time consuming, they have not had the time to sit down and go through it.

Think Quality Finance not only help you through the set up by providing straightforward advice, but also offer a means to actually accomplish the tasks that are set out. This is unusual in business advice agencies, where you either get one or the other. A typical consultancy may give you incomplete advice telling you what to do but not showing you how to do it, or may give you lots of information on various buzz words that you may have heard e.g. profit and loss accounts, share holder agreements, articles of association, but no real understanding of how these fit together in
your business and which ones are applicable to you.

Think Quality Finance have used qualified accountants to group together the financial requirements that are necessary for each type of business at each stage of its development. If you are just starting out, complete start-up service is ideal to allow you to become fully operational in a relatively short space of time. You can tag on other modules as you need them. For instance monthly accounting and payroll. We have designed our offering around your needs which means you only use what you need and you only pay for what you use. On top of this, the tools we offer can be adapted by you to grow with your company – meaning they are fully flexible and can be easily integrated.

Our Services

The following services represent the key requirements for a small or start-up business. Using the following services, you will have the framework to allow your business to expand and grow smoothly.

1. Company Set up Service

There are a number of crucial tasks you must carry out when setting up your company. We offer the full service with guidance and advice where necessary. All the tasks in the checklist are all undertaken as part of the Company Set-up Service:

  • Legally set-up as a sole trader, partnership, limited partnership, limited company
  • Register your company details with Companies House
  • Your details are registered with the Inland Revenue
  • Your details are registered with Customs and Excise (VAT)
  • Your details are registered with Inland Revenue and PAYE
  • Your company legal documents, memorandum and articles of association are produced
  • Register all Share holders and filing details at Companies House
  • Register Directors and filing details at Companies House
  • Register the company secretary and filing details at Companies House
  • Provision of Share holders agreements
  • Provision of Director service agreements
  • Setting up a bank account promptly

2. Monthly accounts and bookkeeping services

The prospect of keeping and maintaining your company accounts on a monthly basis is daunting, especially if you have no experience of doing this. We introduce you to the basics using a simple approach, which you can then build on. As you
become more used to keeping the accounts, you will be able to do more and more yourself:

  • We provide all you need to generate your accounts on a monthly basis ( or quarterly or six monthly or yearly)
  • We set-up the accounts structure for you, both the physical paperwork structures and all the technology structures
  • You have financial control of your business from day one, our aim is to ensure you succeed

However, depending on how your business is set up, there are different accountancy requirements that need to be regularly submitted. The monthly accounting service has also been designed to cater for the needs of:

  • Sole Trader Accounts Service
  • Partnership Accounts Service
  • Limited Company Accounts Service
  • LLP (Limited Partnership)

3. Payroll Services: set-up and running

If you have employees, you have an obligation to pay them accurately and on time. This is time consuming if you have a large team or you use contractors or if it based on commission.

  • We provide advice and technology to complete your monthly payroll
  • The Payroll system can be complicated with a variety of tax details and many forms to complete within the constraints of the Inland Revenue.
  • Using our methods the Inland Revenue can audit your payroll at any time without any preparation on your part
  • From the outset, we set-up all your employees and provide all the paperwork structures and files, and the technology to execute the payroll correctly. From then on, you can either enter information yourself initially under our guidance, or the whole exercise can be run by our payroll team.

Services include:

  • End of year payroll returns undertaken (P60, P35)
  • Allocation of new starters and handling of P45
  • Removal of staff leavers and issue of P45
  • BACS auto pay available
  • Issue payslips
  • Updating accounts with payroll details

4. Quarterly VAT Service

You are required by law to file your VAT return. To ensure this is done accurately and on time without wasting too much of your valuable time, we can provide you with the necessary tools to make this almost automatic:

  • All the figures for your VAT return are calculated on a monthly basis to assist in budgeting
  • Each quarter we will complete your VAT return for you and forward to the VAT man
  • Alternatively, you calculate your own VAT and we simply check the total VAT return before it is submitted
  • We also handle any enquiries from the VAT man if required, or manage your VAT auditing, which they can request from anyone at any time

Other Services include advice and support on the following:

Changing Company details

  • Adding a shareholder
  • Removing a shareholder
  • Adding a director
  • Removing a director
  • Changing company name
  • Change of company address
  • Converting to VAT
  • Reverting back from VAT

Tax Management for:

  • Director
  • Personal
  • Company

End of year company returns
Raising finance to start your business
Raising finance to grow your business
Buying a company
Selling a company

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