Think Quality People

Think Quality People provides, reviews, creates or improves a company’s personnel and employment systems to ensure best practice at all times.

The services aim to provide you with the personnel department that you can’t afford but would like to have. For a lot less than employing extra personnel, Think Quality People can assist in you in managing your staff.

In the real world there will always be situations and issues which are not entirely clear-cut. At times you will need advice to be sure that you make the correct decision. Think Quality People will provide you with expert advice to make an informed decision when dealing with any problems you encounter.

Our aim is to help you resolve any issues quickly and painlessly and to keep you out of court by adhering to recommended guidelines.

Any organisation that employs staff has legal, regulatory and moral obligations. Many small and medium sized organisations do not realise the ‘mine field’ of legal obligations that exist in employing staff until issues arise and its too late – the result – large bills, huge costs, misplaced effort and being forced to focus on things other than the business.

Many companies do not appreciate the number of laws that may be being broken or breached by not having the correct provisions in place. The following list is just a sample of things that you should be concerned about:

  • Recruiting Staff
  • Staff Starting
  • Staff Leaving
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Grievance Action
  • Taking Holiday Leave
  • Taking Sick Leave
  • Taking Maternity Leave
  • Taking Paternity Leave
  • Taking Parental Leave
  • Training Staff
  • Making Staff Redundant
  • Going to Tribunal
  • Compromise Agreements
  • Assessing and Measuring Performance
  • Paying Staff
  • Retiring Staff
  • Promoting Staff
  • Accidents at work
  • Health and Safety

Think Quality People successfully combines critical regulatory guidelines with the practical workings of a small company to ensure satisfactory and pleasant working conditions for you and your staff.

We use useful and practical techniques which incorporate six key functions:

  • Resources
  • Motivation
  • Assessment
  • Education
  • Motivation
  • Development
  • Retention

Not using or ignoring these areas of your business will undoubtedly have an affect on the way you run your company. They directly affect your staff, in terms of how they feel valued and ultimately how productively they work.

With a few simple tools and guidelines, we can not only keep your work force happy but ensure that your are maintaining and adhering to essential workplace laws.

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