Think Quality Business in a Box

Service Description

The Think Quality Business in a Box service has been designed to help people who want to start their own business by choosing one we’ve already created. Just like buying a franchise but without being tied into all of the legal and financial requirements. You can start your business at your own pace, with all of the things you need to do mapped out for you.


The key benefits of the Think Quality Business in a Box service are:

  • Start your own business.
  • Low risk, low cost and quick delivery.
  • Easily changeable, as you can invent new services yourself to generate new channels and increase revenues for your network.
  • Quality of your business will be of a high standard, Think Quality has already created and tested the detail.
  • Use your successful business to pass on to others and receive the revenue benefits.
  • Reduced start-up costs with quicker success.

Where to start?

The Think Quality Business in a Box Team will take you through several simple steps to create your business:

1. Working with you to understand your capabilities to ensure that you can run the business. We will have already identified your new target customers, the product or service and your business intentions.

2. Breaking down these capabilities and matching them against the target customers needs, thereby generating outlines of the newly reconstructed products and services.

3. These product and service outlines are then built up, creating and generating all the tasks and steps that the business needs to operate as a functioning business.

4. Next, we apply the Think Quality Technology to automatically generate all the tools that represent all the business steps.

5. You then use and test these tools, and change and improve as required.

6. The Business is then created, Existing Think Quality customers will have their existing business reviewed and start effectively from this step, thereby reducing the time to create and invent their franchise.


Pricing is based on the level of service required and the complexity of the business structure and services offered. Our pricing has been specially calculated to ensure your business is sold for the best price.

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