Think Quality Exit Service

Service Description

The Think Quality Exit service has been designed to help business owners achieve the best value on their desired terms when they come to sell their business.

Some businesses begin life with a fixed plan to sell in the future, some businesses are sold out of need or retirement, and some are sold at the right time to make a profit. Whatever the situation, if your business is accurately documented down to level of detail that Think Quality delivers, then it becomes an easy and profitable sell.

If you have made the decision to sell your business, there are several fairly standard procedures that need to be carried out to quantify your business to a potential purchaser. This is extremely time consuming and is often not done very well which means that you do not achieve the maximum price possible for your business. If the Think Quality method is applied to your business, your business becomes transparent and easier to market to the highest bidder by generating valuable intellectual property.

Think Quality will package your business for sale, help identify buyers and support in the execution of the sale using our marketing, sales, finance, legal and product manager teams.


The key benefits of the Think Quality Exit service are:

  • Achieve the best price for your business.
  • Become aware of the full value of your company and to be able to substantiate the best qualities to any purchasers.
  • Anticipate questions and answers from your potential buyer to ensure a smooth sale.
  • Through Think Quality Exit service, your business becomes a significant asset by generating profitable intellectual property.
  • A structured approach to selling your business.

Where to start?

The Think Quality Exit Team will take you through several simple steps to review your business:

1. Using the Think Quality Methods, we initially work with you to understand your existing customers. We review the capabilities that make up your product or service and take into account any specific issues, problems or opportunities that you want to address.

2. We breakdown your existing capabilities into their smallest parts and compare them against your customer needs. We represent these products and services and provide everything you need to execute them.

3. We then begin to identify the potential buyers and what they might be looking for from your business.

4. In breaking down the business we tangible represent all aspects of the business, to make clear what is being sold and bought

5. We also examine the existing products and services and identify future services that could be offered. These outlines are represented so the buyer can see the growth potential within the business.

6. Using the Think Quality Methods, we then package your business, demonstrating everything that is required to successfully market and sell your business as a going concern.


Pricing is based on the level of service required and the complexity of the business structure and services offered. Our pricing has been specially calculated to ensure your business is sold for the best price.

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