Think Quality Franchise Service


Service Description

The Think Quality Franchise service has been designed for people who are considering buying a franchise or for companies who want to expand, we offer them to opportunity to franchise their business.

Think Quality Franchise service is designed to develop your business as a fully autonomous replica business which you can licence out to other people in different areas to run their own branch of your business. It is supplied with all the tools you need to market, sell, deliver and operate the franchise network.

The service is aimed at new or existing Think Quality customers. Any company that has already used Think Quality will have much of their business represented in a clear format, therefore only the mechanisms to sell, deliver and run the franchise will be required.


The key benefits of the Think Quality Franchise service are:

  • Start your own franchise.
  • Low risk, low cost and quick delivery.
  • Easily changeable, as you can invent new services yourself to generate new channels and increase revenues for your network.
  • Existing Think Quality customers can make a franchise of their business extremely quickly.
  • Quality of your franchise will be of a high standard, Think Quality supports you in the detail.
  • Use your successful business to pass on to others and receive the revenue benefits.
  • Reduced start-up costs with quicker success.

Where to start?

Using the Think Quality Methods we firstly represent your existing business, products and services as a repeatable business running under the Think Quality Methods. This is achieved through:

1. Working with you to understand your customers, the capabilities that make up your product or service and your business intentions.

2. Breaking down these capabilities and matching them against the target customers needs, thereby generating outlines of the newly reconstructed products and services.

3. These product and service outlines are then built up, creating and generating all the tasks and steps that the business needs to operate as a functioning business.

4. Next, we apply the Think Quality Technology to automatically generate all the tools that represent all the business steps.

5. You then use and test these tools, and change and improve as required.

6. The franchise is then created, Existing Think Quality customers will have their existing business reviewed and start effectively from this step, thereby reducing the time to create and invent their franchise.


Pricing is based on a monthly fee. It covers the efforts of the Think Quality team to initially support you and then for use of the business and methods thereafter. This fee is charged per number of staff users. Our pricing has been calculated to enable anyone to start their own business without huge overheads. Each franchise will also have to pay a small licence fee.

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