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Think Quality Technology aim to have the solution to any PC based problems you experience. Your PC may be struggling to work at the speed it used to and it may start to crash and loose valuable work. It may also be vulnerable to virus attack or hackers. Think Quality offer a selection of services to ensure the health of your PC and security of your business.


1. Full Service of your PC

Through Think Quality Technology we enable your PC to work faster and more efficiently. We check that your version of Microsoft Windows is updated, we clean up the machine inside and on disk, and check the applications are fully updated on the PC with virus and security protection.


  • Like a car, your PC has moving parts which wear out and need servicing
  • Operating data is saved on your PC in no particular order, therefore occasional checks to compact or de-fragment the hard drive are needed
  • Microsoft are constantly changing their operating platform and regularly release patches and upgrades which should be installed on all PCs – some are critical for the optimum performance of your PC. You can load these patches on your own but they sometimes need expert help
  • New viruses are created every day, so you need to be vigilant and ensure that your anti-virus and anti-spyware is effective in protecting your PC
  • Think Quality Technology always backup to a separate PC to protect your work

Why Not…

  • You are happy to run the risk of your PC breaking down or being a target for viruses or hackers
    • Think Quality Technology team says “Regular maintenance will help protect your PC and all the work that is stored on it”.


      2. PC repair service

      We identify the part of the PC that has failed, source the new part, fit it and get the machine working again. In cases where the part and the repair is going to cost more than a new PC, we let you know.

      3. ‘Get it going’ PC service

      When your machine just keeps stopping, crashing or not shutting down properly, then our ‘Get it going’ service is a quick way to get up and running again. This is a cut down version of the full service and takes about half the time. In some cases the PC may need either a full service or a rebuild.

      4. Rebuild your PC service

      Your PC is fully checked both at the hardware and software level. We backup the old machine, wipe the machine and reload all the software with the latest updates, ensuring new virus and security protection is loaded, before putting your data back on.

      Expert Advice

      5. PC Upgrade

      Your PC can be upgraded with more memory or a bigger hard disk, for better performance and capacity. We give quotes for upgrades, source parts and fit them to give you a faster machine. We also advise when it may be cheaper to buy a new machine, by quoting for a replacement for your existing PC or recommending a better PC for your requirements.


      • You have noticed that your PC seems slower or is running out of storage
      • Your PC is not compatible with the latest software
      • Your PC is old and it is time to upgrade
      • Think Quality Technology always backup your PC to protect your work

      Why Not…

      • You realise your PC is old and are planning on purchasing a new one
        • Think Quality Technology team says “We advise on whether it is cheaper to upgrade or buy a new machine”.

          6. New PC installation

          You may need help setting up a new additional PC or are replacing an existing PC. Sometimes new PCs don’t have the latest Windows updates, so they will need to be loaded. If the PC is replacing an existing machine, data will be backed up before being re-installed.


          • New PCs are not always set up with the latest software and virus protection
          • We can load the operating system professionally to ensure everything is compatible and it is working at the optimum speed
          • Think Quality Technology always backup your PC to protect your work

          Why Not…

          • You can do it yourself if you understand the installation instructions
            • Think Quality Technology team says “New PCs come as a shell, it is always best to get professional assistance with the set up”.

              7. Software or new device installation

              You may be unsure about the installation and want to be confident that it is done properly. We take a backup of the machine before installation. If there are problems that can’t be resolved, we restore to the backup, so you are still able to run your business without interruption.


              • If you have new software to load or a new device to install such as a scanner, printer or faxware etc, you may need advice on whether it is the best version and whether it is compatible with your existing set up
              • New software wrongly installed can sometimes corrupt existing software or even corrupt the operating system
              • Think Quality Technology always backup your PC to protect your work

              Why Not…

              • You can do it yourself but it will take more time and you run the risk of your PC collapsing and loosing your work
                • Think Quality Technology team says “For peace of mind and to save time, it is always better to have professional advice and assistance”.

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