Web Design Pricing

Think Quality Pricing Structure

 5 Page Website  Price from  £ 595.00
 10 Page Website  Price from  £1195.00
 Mulitpage Website  Based on your requirements, prices from  £2195.00
 e-Commerce Website  Based on your requirements, prices from  £2695.00
 Hosting Package
 Hosting Package  No updates included, prices from  £ 119.40 pa
 Keep Awake Service  One off payment of  £   49.95
 Google Analytics setup up  One time setup – measure website traffic  £ 149.95
 SEO Setup   In addition to setup a monthly budget needs to be set  £ 149.95
 Adword Setup  In addition to setup a monthly budget needs to be set  £ 195.00
 WordPress Training  1 day  £ 500.00
 Logo Design  Design brief required  £ 150.00
 Image Purchase *
 xsmall  425 x 282 px  size 125.16 kb  £   25.00
 small  849 x 565 px  size 344.79 kb  £   50.00
 medium  1698 x 1131 px  size 1.29 mb  £   80.00
 large  3888 x 2595 px  size 4.95 mb  £   95.00
 email setup  First email setup for free – additional emails  £     4.95
 Copywriting  Price per day – copy brief required  £ 250.00

 *All images that are used on your site either have to be taken and supplied by you with no copyright or purchased by us with a license to use on your site.  For your site we would not need to buy the larger images, but offer to purchase the larger file sizes, say for use in a brochure of flyer where the px would need to be around 300 dpi.

Image Purchase

You can’t just download images from the internet and use them on your website.

Why because it breaks copyright laws and if you use images without permission be prepared for an expensive payout.  All images used on your site must either be purchased or be copyright free.

For example the image above was purchased.  If you want us to source and purchase these images for you there is a standard charge which depends on the size of the image.

Image Size Image Cost
xsmall £25.00
small £50.00
medium £80.00
large £95.00


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