Think Quality Business Blueprint

Why is the starting point with all our customers to design their Business Blueprint?

‘The system integrates all the elements required to make a business work. It transforms a business into a machine, or more accurately, because it is so alive, into an organism, driven by the integrity of its parts, all working in concert toward a realised objective’.

E-Myth Revisited, Michael E. Gerber

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It’s fundamentally important that the way that you design and make products is absolutely core to business. Sir Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President Industrial Design, Apple

Think Quality Business Blueprint have been developing a completely new way of approaching business practices which can be applied to any business, at any level, of any size. Not only will our approach allow your business to become more efficient but it will also enable innovation and the ability to launch new products to the market more quickly.

We have found during our research that the majority of people in their work hold a lot of knowledge in their head which is not easy to share and not repeatable. This knowledge is what makes that individual valuable to the company but a significant proportion of this knowledge is applied to simple tasks which can be identified and documented and shared among more people. Once tasks have an identity they immediately hold a value. They become tangible; you can look at it from every angle and see where it could become more efficient. It can be tracked, recorded, and most importantly repeated by anyone.

What this means is a revolutionary way of looking at business – any business. Think Quality have worked with small start-up companies of one or two people and large multi-national companies and we believe the principals are the same each time.

The Think Quality Business Blueprint emphasise the needs of your customers at the core of your business. We then allow you to create your product as a whole, with both the external structures to your customers and the internal structures to your business in place.

Process is only necessary when you want to do the right things, the right way, at the right time, using the right resources.

If an organisation does not care about increased efficiency, increased throughput, decreased errors and improved compliance with internal and external rules and regulations, processes are not needed.

Processes are a strategic asset for many organisations, All other things being equal (i.e. access to capital, ability to hire capable resources) processes make the competitive advantage difference.

Questions we get asked all the time is “Why use best practices?”
Answer: would you prefer to use worst practices

And, “How do we know if we are using best practices”?
Answer: you are automatically using best practices, until you replace these with better practices

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