Think Quality Growth Service


Service Description

The Think Quality Growth service has been designed for people who are experiencing difficulties in delivering their service often due to time or money constraints, or just generally want to improve how their business is run by improving the products and services offered to the customers.

Think Quality Growth service is designed to review your existing products and services and how they are delivered throughout the whole of your business. The components of your company are broken down into effective building blocks. We then put these bricks back together in a different way so that customers get offered a more appropriate product or service, and staff have everything they need to easily operate your business.

The aim of Think Quality Growth service is there to make your life and your staffs’ lives easier, reduce stress, improve revenues, increase customer numbers, reduce costs and increase profits.


The key benefits of the Think Quality Growth service are:

  • Reduce the level of stress experienced by both the business owner and staff.
  • Employ best practice to carry out tasks.
  • Create the most efficient way of executing your business.
  • Reduce costs through efficiency and best practice.
  • Improve your products and services so they are targeted to meet your customer needs.
  • Increase revenues and profits with more sales and reduced costs.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Your business is delivered more quickly to enable you to react to crucial market changes.

Where to start?

Think Quality Growth service will take you through several simple steps to set-up your business:

1. Using the Think Quality Methods, we initially work with you to understand your existing customers, then the customers you want to target. We review the capabilities that make up your product or service and your business intentions. We also take into account any specific issues, problems or opportunities that you are striving to achieve.

2. We breakdown your existing capabilities into their smallest parts and compare them against the customer needs. We represent the new products and services and provide everything you need to execute them.

3. These product and service outlines are then layered to create all the tasks and steps that the business needs to operate as a functioning business. This effectively generates a new version of your existing products and services.

4. Next we apply the Think Quality Technology which absorbs the information and automatically generates simple easy tools to make it easy to run your business.

5. You then use and try these tools, and change and improve as required. Your staff can now execute their work tasks more simply, with less stress, more consistency as a repeatable business.

6. As customer needs change, new competitors emerge and external markets fluctuate, you are able to adapt your business to react and maximise opportunities by changing the way you deliver your products and services through the Think Quality methods and technology.


Pricing is based on a monthly fee. It covers the efforts of the Think Quality team to initially support you and then for use of the business and methods thereafter. This fee is charged per number of staff users. Our pricing has been calculated to enable anyone to start their own business without huge overheads.

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