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The way you present your company and the way you communicate with your existing and potential customers has an impact on the impression they have of your service; from the brochure you send out, the quotation they receive, to a telephone call and the invoice they receive at the end.

All too frequently, business owners underestimate the power of marketing and brand management. People make over 90% of their decisions on unconscious stimuli, this means the little things and the finer detail are just as important. Overlooking a seemingly small item could create an enduring memory of either a good or bad event.

Think Quality specialise in attention to detail. Think Quality Marketing take the time to understand each company, the products, services, target markets and operational constraints, before addressing each brochure, product specification or press release. From these details, the Think Quality team have the experience to draw out the salient features to introduce the best and most appropriate impression of your company within your chosen market.

The following give examples of typical documents that you might need. It is not an exhaustive
list as we are continually developing new projects but these are a selection of the most common items.

By Text

Communication by text is one of the most newest and less sophisticated ways of keeping your customers informed. 96% of all text messages get read compared to 40-45% of emails. The benefits of text marketing is that it is cheap and instant. However, just as much care must be taken to ensure the right message is sent.

By email

Mailshots by email are becoming more sophisticated. The benefits of email marketing is that it is cheap and instant. However, just as much care must be taken to ensure the right image of your company or product is presented.

By Post

Choosing what to send can be quite inventive and ultimately depends on your budget. It could be a tangible object, useful or humorous, or a targeted brochure accompanied by a covering letter.

Direct mail

Using direct mail to inform your customers usually implies a strategic campaign i.e. a series of two or more mailshots sent to your customers. A cleverly designed series with a common theme enforces the brand and the particular message that you are communicating. They are generally spread over a few mailshots to build and maintain interest until the final one of the series when a ‘call to action’ is given for the customer to get in contact. Of course, a mailshot could just be a single communication with all these details combined. Typical topics for a mailshot include:

  • New brand
  • Company change of address
  • Launch new product
  • Improved product
  • Special Offer
  • Market Research

Think Quality Marketing will plan a full Direct Marketing campaign according to your exact requirements and can make suggestions to reduce costs where applicable.

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